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Warrant for Your Arrest? Here’s What to Do:

One of the worst surprises that can happen is to learn that there’s a warrant out for your arrest.  Many times this can happen without you even knowing that there’s an active case against you!  This most often happens when court doesn’t have an accurate address for you.  They send

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Assault in Minnesota – Exploring the Types of Assault Crimes

Assault laws in Minnesota are an important piece of our criminal justice system.  And Minnesota is not alone. In fact, the oldest known criminal laws (written over 4,000 years ago!) included punishments for what we now call assault.  Being familiar with these laws and how they work is essential for

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Drug Charges in Minnesota – A Big Break for Some Cases

Minnesota’s criminal law is pretty hard on drug crimes.  As of July 2023, over 1,300 people in Minnesota’s prisons were there because of drug offenses.  That’s nearly 1 in every 5!  Although sentencing reform has become a hot topic in recent years, sentences for drug crimes can remain very harsh.

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Bail in Minnesota – A Comprehensive Guide

Bail is an important piece of our criminal justice system, and one that goes back a long way.  In fact, both the U.S. Constitution (written in 1787) and the Minnesota Constitution (written in 1857) discuss bail.  It is designed primarily to make sure that people who are accused of committing

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Expungement in Minnesota – A Detailed Guide

Being convicted of a crime can have a major impact on your life.  It can affect things such as your ability to get housing or employment, driving privileges, and more.  Luckily, Minnesota law provides many people with the ability to clear their old criminal records in some circumstances.  This process

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Do I really need to hire a lawyer?

One of the first questions most people ask when accused of committing a crime is, “do I need a lawyer?”  This is particularly true if the charge is “just” a misdemeanor.  If you’ve been charged with a more serious offense, the answer is easy – the stakes are incredibly high

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