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a dedication to criminal law

My entire career has been devoted to criminal law. It is my sole focus and area of expertise. This expertise has been developed through handling tens of thousands of cases in many communities throughout the state.

I truly believe that my unique skillset equips me with the tools to make a difference in people’s lives. Criminal law is complex, and facing criminal charges can be terrifying. I can help you get through it and on with your life again.


a passion for persuasion

Who I Am

The first step of my legal career was unexpectedly being chosen for the starring role in a third-grade dental health awareness skit.  This led me down a path of public speaking and oratory that naturally landed me in a courtroom.  Handling criminal cases in court can feel a lot like being on stage, but with an added intellectual component – it’s almost like playing trivia while on stage.

But criminal law is not a game.  The consequences are real, and the impact on people’s lives is very real too.  I take care never to lose sight of that fact.  

my approach to defense

Each case is unique and requires a thoughtful, deliberate approach.  Often this means being aggressive and taking a case to trial, but not always.  Sometimes an aggressive approach is counterproductive.  Instead, skillful negotiation based on the unique facts of a case can achieve better results.

I know how prosecutors think, and I can use that insight to achieve the best results for my clients.  Knowing when to fight is as important as knowing how to fight.

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