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Drug Charges in Minnesota – A Big Break for Some Cases

Minnesota’s criminal law is pretty hard on drug crimes.  As of July 2023, over 1,300 people in Minnesota’s prisons were there because of drug offenses.  That’s nearly 1 in every 5!  Although sentencing reform has become a hot topic in recent years, sentences for drug crimes can remain very harsh.

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Criminal Sentencing in Minnesota

Criminal sentencing in Minnesota works very differently for felony charges versus misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor cases.  Generally speaking, judges have very wide latitude to do whatever they think is appropriate when sentencing misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor cases.  Some offenses have mandatory minimums or other requirements, but generally the judge has

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What is a stay of adjudication?

Of course everyone charged with a crime is seeking the best possible outcome – a full dismissal of all charges.  As a practical matter, dismissals are a pretty rare outcome.  But that doesn’t mean that a good outcome is unattainable.  There are a range of possibilities between the best and

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